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Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Switch is built on the intelligent and sustainable growth of the Internet. Its Founder and CEO, Rob Roy, developed more than 260 patent and patent-pending claims covering data center designs that manifested into their world-renowned data centers and their technology solution ecosystems.

Data Center Sector, Switch LAS VEGAS 7 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada
TSC 1000, Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada

Switch is a technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation whose core business is the design, construction and operation of the most advanced data centers, which are the foundations of the most powerful technology ecosystems on the planet.

We believe that the future progress of humanity depends on the sustainable growth of the Internet. As more people, businesses, governments and devices come online, the need for data centers increases, as does the growing need to power those data centers with renewable energy.

At Switch, every team member is driven to produce real results for our clients – technologically and financially. Our data center ecosystem empowers our clients with virtually unlimited options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.

Unparalleled Data Center Solutions

Designed by Rob Roy, Switch’s data centers have raised the industry standards for data center design, construction and operations far above its current Tier IV Gold certifications, to Tier “Elite” status. Switch is the recognized world leader in data center design, development and mission-critical operations.


The Switch Executive Team is comprised of passionate, dedicated industry experts, bringing years of experience to a leading technology infrastructure company. Since its founding, Switch has embraced a culture of diversity and equality, and is the only company in the technology industry where women represent more than half of its senior leadership team.

Switch’s founder and CEO, Rob Roy, cultivates a unique client-oriented culture at every level of the company. The team’s motivation and drive to produce the absolute best results for our clients manifests in unparalleled client value and the industry’s best customer service.

Rob Roy

Thomas Morton

Missy Young

Lesley McVay

Gabe Nacht

Terri Borden

Kristi Overgaard

Chris Donnelly

Cindy Zimpfer

Lisa Hurless

Brian Boles

Adam Kramer

Joe McDonald

Tracy Brown

Sam Castor

Jessica Fairless

Shanna Williams

Gabriel Herrera

Jay Liebe

Alexis Michaud

Scott Gutierrez

Jeff Oberschelp

Terri Cooper

Jennifer Arias

Jennifer Chavez

Richard Weltmer

Karlee Clow

Laura Mach

Thomas Van Kempen

Zac Redman

Michael Wiley

Jessica Lombardi

Dave Glover

Brian Huff

Chris Osiecki

Rob Elliott

Chase Leavitt

Joe Folino

Mel Melara

Presenting Around the Globe

Switch executives possess world-class knowledge and expertise across a variety of disciplines. Our thought leaders share our experience around the globe, bringing the future of technology to the present.

Missy Young

Kristi Overgaard

Chris Donnelly

Cindy Zimpfer

Adam Kramer

Jeff Oberschelp

DCD > Enterprise | New York

New York, NY

Meeting the Needs of the Enterprise Data Center Community

Missy Young, Switch's EVP of Corporate Development, led the executive sales team to present on behalf of Switch at the DCD Enterprise event held at the Marriott Marquee NYC in Times Square.

Smart Energy Decisions – Innovation Summit

Orlando, FL

Executives from Cargill Inc., Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Wells Fargo and Co. recently joined a growing list of 49 energy professionals confirmed to attend the Smart Energy Decisions Innovation Summit.

Keynote at Innevation Center

Reno, NV

Energy Savings Coalition

Adam will be discussing the Energy Savings Coalition. ESC's mission is to increase the implementation in Nevada of energy efficiency and building upgrades through energy savings performance contracting.

Keynote at WIN at the Silver Legacy Expo Center

Reno, NV

The Internet of Things is coming. Are you ready?

Technology is playing a greater and greater role in our lives, so when is going to make our lives great? Adam Kramer is an expert where communications and technology converge and will bring us perspective on how increasing connectivity will change our lives and how we do business; specifically how the Internet of Things is playing a role in this evolution.

Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) & the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment

Minneapolis, MN

Trending Green: Understanding Corporate Renewable Procurement in the Midwest

This was a presentation on Switch as a technology leader in Nevada and throughout the data center industry. The presentation focused on the uniqueness of Switch and how it is a staunch advocate for sustainability within data center operations and beyond. The importance economic development and driving the new innovation economy forward was shared at the networking event designed for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new venture and business owners who want to grow their business.

SISTEM (Student Interactions with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Switch spoke with groups of high school students in Southern Nevada to inspire and educate them on the opportunities to pursue STEAM-based careers and research opportunities.

The Economic Club of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, MI

During the bi-monthly speaker luncheon to over 500 attendees, Switch presented a discussion on the new Switch data center that is moving into the Steelcase pyramid building, and how bringing a new industry and new jobs is contributing to the growth of the economic health of the greater Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

7th Annual Provider Forum On Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (West), Information Management Network Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa, CA

Business Models, Growth & ROI: How Are Different Industries Mixing Business Models Within a Changing Data Center/Cloud Ecosystem

Switch participated in a panel discussion that covered a variety of sub-topical areas, including the cloud as a model and not a place, the differences between cloud and hosting in third-party versus self-owned facilities, new consumption models and investing in a cloud consultancy business model, among others.

5th Annual Governor’s Conference on Business

Las Vegas, NV

This was a presentation showing how Switch is a technology leader in Nevada and throughout the data center industry. We focused on the uniqueness of Switch and how it is a staunch advocate for sustainability within data center operations and beyond. The importance economic development and driving the new innovation economy forward was shared at the networking event designed for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new venture and business owners who want to grow their business.

College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno

Reno, NV

College of Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series

Switch was featured in this Distinguished Lecture Series, sharing the company's vision of the 'roadmap to the future and the role technology plays for all.' We addressed what the future holds for us, what kind of thinkers and leaders are needed to mold and drive the future and the role Switch and its leaders are playing to help map that future.

Converged: The Business of Data Centers, SE Asia, Datacenter Dynamics


How The World’s Highest-Ranking Colocation Data Center Is Leading The Way In Sustainability

Switch spoke on how Switch is leading the data center industry as sustainability advocates for operating using 100 percent renewable energy and serving as thought leaders to influence and inspire other businesses to do the same globally. We discussed how Switch continues to operate the highest-rated data centers on the planet, while bringing sustainability best practices into new markets where it’s expanding. The presentation engaged in a dialogue around how data centers can implement a long-term renewable energy strategy that positively impacts both clients and the environment and how Switch is redefining what green technology means across the planet.

City of Henderson

Henderson, NV

Switch participated in the city’s IT All-Hands meeting.

ChicagoFIRST Business Continuity Meeting

Chicago, IL

Switch provided the keynote speaker for the organization discussing Switch’s vision of the future and the role Tier IV Gold facilities play in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Las Vegas Rotary Club

Las Vegas, NV

Switch participated as a weekly guest speaker to talk about Switch and its passion for driving the new innovation economy forward for the state of Nevada.

Longenecker & Associates, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV

Advisory Board Meeting

During the advisory board’s semi-annual meeting, we briefed 40 senior executives on Switch as an innovator and pioneer in the data center industry and how the company adds value to its clients and local communities. Longenecker & Associates is an international consulting company specializing in management, engineering, energy, environmental, business and regulatory issues. It offers innovative and cost-effective solutions to problems in the environmental and energy industries.

Area Development Conference & Forum Series

Las Vegas, NV

Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Forum

Switch provided insight on how advanced technologies will create game changing trends that will impact existing manufacturing and employment bases that will require new workforce development programs and community marketing programs to attract investment. A focus on economic development organizations that want to see the future that exists today and how it will impact communities moving forward was a key discussion point during the forum.

Valley Electrical Association (VEA) Annual Membership Meeting

Pahrump, NV

Switch shared information on the partnership between Switch and VEA along with a comprehensive technology overview about the Switch data center cloud ecosystem in relation to clients and partners. Keynote speaker Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson provided VEA member-owners with an economic update of Nevada. The annual VEA meeting is the cooperative’s largest event of the year, with hundreds of VEA members in attendance.

Data Center World - AFCOM

IT Transformation Considerations In The Data Center In this education session for Data Center World attendees, we discussed how business opportunities translate to current capabilities in staff, IT infrastructure, applications and data center capacity. Available solution opportunities, from the ageless mainframe to infrastructure based on ODCA and bare metal versus virtualization versus containers and cloud are elaborated on.

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), NYC


Solar Goes Corporate Summit Switch participated on a panel and shared valuable insight into successful development, deployment and investment in solar projects, including discussion around Switch’s procurement of 180MW of solar power for its Nevada data centers —the largest in the world in 2015.

The Edison Foundation’s Institute for Electric Innovation at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

Washington, D.C.

Customizing Energy Products For Commercial Customers: Innovative Approaches and Solutions

Switch and other panelists briefed regulators from around the country on how commercial customers are seeking more customized energy products and services, and are asking utilities to work with them to provide innovative solutions in a cost effective manner.

AFCOM Michigan Chapter (Association For Computer Operations Management)

A featured speaker during the AFCOM Michigan Chapter’s monthly meeting, we talked about Switch data centers and its expansion into Michigan and the reason behind why west Michigan was chosen for its $4 billion data center expansion project. Jason elaborated on how new legislation exempting data centers from sales and use taxes will impact Switch and others, along with how Switch will add value to Michigan’s economy.

Michigan Energy Conference, Detroit


Increasing Access to Next Generation Energy Solutions

Switch presented as the keynote speaker at the third annual conference and explored the challenges of procuring clean energy resources, providing lessons learned and instructive best practices, addressing the impact of prioritizing acquisition of clean energy on the workforce, customers and company bottom lines.

West Career & Technical Academy

Principles of Business Course

Switch was a featured guest speaker in the Principles of Business class for high school sophomores focused on pursing majors in business and information technology. Information and background was shared about our specialized industry area, the cloud, as well as discussing real world experience needed and what a ‘day in the life’ looks like in his current position with Switch.

The TechCat Show with Lori H. Schwartz

Switch shared his insights around the function of data in everyday life, the importance of sustainability and the impact of all smart devices in relation to our carbon footprint. We also talked about Switch data centers and how they provide connectivity, cloud services and content ecosystems for Fortune 500 businesses.

Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

Reno, Nevada

Switching Expectations in Northern Nevada

Switch shares information about Switch data centers expanding to Northern Nevada with plans to build a 6.4 million square-foot data center campus and bring $3 billion of investment to the region. Also discussed, Switch's SUPERLOOP, a fiber optic network that will connect Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco and will dramatically increase the speed that information travels, as well as further establish Nevada’s position as the tech infrastructure capital of the United States. EDAWN is a private/public partnership committed to adding quality jobs to the western Nevada region through recruitment, development and assistance to both existing and newly formed companies, to diversify the economy and make a positive impact on the quality of life to the local community.

The Container Summit

Join the Container Revolution: The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Switch participated on a four-person panel that addressed trends and developments across container technologies.

Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development European Trade Mission

Carson City, NV

Providing a keynote speaker, Switch discusses technology, renewable energy and the data center industry at large.

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association - Southern Nevada Chapter

Password Protected: Doing Business in the Cloud

As featured panel speaker, Switch discussed cloud security and the importance of it for businesses who connect in the cloud.

DevOps Summit

Cloud Expo NYC

DevOps – The Symptom of an Agile Organization

DevOps is all the rage these days and with good reason as it promises to reduce the time to market for new applications. It also promises to improve change management, allowing teams to deploy changes to their applications quickly and efficiently. However, DevOps isn’t something you buy, install or implement; rather, it is the symptom of an appropriate organizational system. How do we get to the right organizational model that will allow DevOps practices to flourish?

College of Engineering, UNLV

Spring 2015 Senior Design Awards Dinner Jason Mendenhall was a keynote speaker at the annual design competition. Held each semester, the event helps to focus students from the College of Engineering to increase the quality and potential for commercial application for their projects.

Interop Las Vegas

IoT’s Potential Impact on Your Data Center

What does going from 7 billion connected devices in 2014 to more than 40 billion in 2020 do to your data center and infrastructure strategy? The truth is no one really knows for sure. My perspective is the impact will be significant, but it's not as obvious as "just more stuff." The industry will see new opportunities arise and new stresses occur. I hope to shine a light on the subject, start some debate, and give you food for thought on next steps for your organization.

Avasant Provider Connect Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Jason talks about the one-of-a-kind ecosystem of Switch, choosing a data center and future-proofing decisions.

Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering & Technology, Brigham Young University

Provo, UT

Jason Mendenhall was a keynote speaker at BYU’s College of Engineering & Technology. He discussed his role as the introducer and chief evangelist of new products and services in the Switch ecosystem, as well as how Switch is a willing participant in global discussions surrounding current and future technology issues impacting today's business leaders and the role that engineers will play in shaping that future.

Cloud Expo

Santa Clara, CA

Software Defined Data Center: Product or Project

Simply defined, the SDDC promises that you’ll be able to treat “all” of your IT infrastructure as if it’s completely malleable. That there are no restrictions to how you can use and assign everything from border controls to VM size as long as you stay within the technical capabilities of the devices. The promise is great, but the reality is still a dream for the majority of enterprises. This talk covers where and how a business might benefit from SDDC and also why they should or shouldn’t attempt to adopt today.

International Conference on Systems Engineering

Las Vegas, NV

Technology Innovation and Economic Development

#theCUBE at EMC World

Las Vegas, NV

Jason discusses cloud, big data and data center trends and how Switch supports them. View Archive

Digital Health Summit

CES Las Vegas

Jason discusses cloud, analytics and how Switch supports the growing data storage needs of the healthcare industry. View Archive


Economic Development Through Technology

Switch Founder and CEO Rob Roy believes in building better communities and improving local economies through technology, education and economic diversification. By leveraging Switch’s data centers as platforms for economic development, the company fulfills its mission to positively impact their campus location communities and the world at large. This philosophy of economic development through technology carries into our global SUPERNAP International partnership.

Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Enabling scientific research by hosting the Cherry Creek Supercomputer for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Connecting Nevada’s rural schools to the Internet by extending fiber connectivity from the Switch SUPERLOOP
  • Donating more than $10 million toward STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics)
  • Partnering on Planet 3, an exploration-based digital learning platform with a focus on STEAM
  • Partnering with government to develop its economic and business climate, and, attract talent to local economies
  • Lending executive-level leadership on technology, education and arts through state-wide board memberships
  • Strong support for the arts in addition to science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Spearheading the growth of the technology industry in Michigan, by building the largest data center campus in the eastern United States
  • SUPERNAP Italia is a founding member of Open Hub Med, helping accelerate the IT industry in the Mediterranean
  • SUPERNAP Thailand is the catalyst for technology investment and development in the region
Tri-Redundant Power - Grey Power Room
Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Center of Nevada's New Innevation Economy

Rob Roy’s Innevation Centers are Switch’s collaborative business hubs offering co-working and community event venues designed to help drive local economies forward.

As one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in Nevada's history, Rob Roy created The Innevation Centers as a result of his passion for transforming the local communities and economies through technology. He is "paying forward" the success of Switch by helping to empower the next generation of economic leaders. Emerging tech companies, global powerhouse brands, economic developers, educators, students, artists, community stakeholders and universities all collaborate to create new economic realities for their communities.


Rob Roy's Innevation Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Switch GREEN Initiative

Since its founding, Switch has been driven to build the most efficient data centers that can respond to the most advanced requirements from high transaction workloads through to high-performance computing.

The Switch Green sustainability initiatives represents the company’s commitment to running all of its North American data centers on 100% renewable energy. This initiative complements Switch’s innovations in design, power, cooling and density.

The efficient, cost-effective and ecologically-sound use of power is now available. Switch’s clients can support the sound use of resources today.


Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center and Switch LAS VEGAS 9 Data Center
The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Our experience at the SUPERNAP was extremely successful, from start to finish. The Switch team was incredibly responsive to anything we needed and we were impressed with the staff as they were informed, responsive and friendly. Not only is the facility itself extremely impressive, but the on site staff is second to none. We are enamored to be a part of the Switch community and look forward to a longstanding partnership."

– Creative Artist Agency, 8 cabinets

"A big thank you to Switch and the staff that helped our team accomplish the server relocation. The Switch staff has been exceptionally helpful and professional throughout the process. The SUPERNAP site is everything we hoped for in terms of facilities and services. Everyone at SCAG can sleep a little better at night knowing the equipment is in the SUPERNAP."

– SCAG, 10 cabinets

"SUPERNAP buying power"

"Our end-to-end experience with Switch has been excellent. We have enjoyed the cost savings and convenience utilizing the SUPERNAP buying power for our telecom infrastructure services."

– Myspace, 200 cabinets

"The SUPERNAP operation and facility is the best I have ever seen, and I have been in a fair number of data center facilities. You made the decision to engage with your organization a very easy one."

– Qualcomm, 40 cabinets

Greenpeace Report Concludes Switch Scored Among The Highest In The World For Sustainability Among All Internet Companies

Press Release - January 9, 2017

Switch is the first multi-tenant data center provider in the world to receive all A’s in the six-year history of Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean report.

The grades published in the 2017 report reflect Switch’s use of 100 percent renewable energy for all of its data centers, the company’s commitment to 100 percent renewable energy for all operations, its renewable energy advocacy, its green house gas emission transparency, and its industry leading energy-efficient data center design.


Why Switch Created the Energy Choice Initiative: A New Energy Future for a New Nevada Economy

Rob Roy - November 17, 2016

One truth in today’s world is that technology and innovation wait for no one. We are all witnesses to technological advances that touch every single aspect of our lives, occurring at such a fast pace that it is often hard to truly comprehend. One constant in tech is that change will continue to happen faster and faster. Our state has a choice to be ahead of this change—anticipating it, molding it, creating policy to support it, or find ourselves left behind.


Switch Launches STEAM Village To Promote Education

WOOD TV - September 16, 2016

An interactive, new ArtPrize Eight attraction aimed at helping kids start thinking about their future careers opens Saturday.

Many people have heard of STEM education which focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). But, ArtPrize Eight officials are supporting the efforts of a number of schools nationwide to promote STEAM education, which adds in the arts.


Explore a New Career with Switch

Note to Recruiters and Third Party Placement Agencies: Switch will not accept unsolicited agency resumes. Please do not forward unsolicited agency resumes to our website or to any Switch employee. Switch will not be responsible for any agency fees associated with unsolicited resumes. Any unsolicited resumes received will be considered property of Switch and will be processed accordingly.


Can you support a fast-paced, ever-changing and purely exciting environment? The Administrative departments are calling on your organized, collaborative professional expertise. The Admin Teams: Human Resources, Legal, Data Center Services and Purchasing are driven specialists that are compelled to contribute to the continued excellence of Switch. We are seeking experienced candidates that possess high ethical standards with core competencies committed to delivering superior service to our clients and team members.

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Branding, Marketing & Strategy

Are you that creative one that can own mission-critical timelines with design-forward brilliance...and dig it? The Branding department is responsible for driving the Switch brand globally. Branding encompasses all corporate identity, design and communications. Role opportunities include art direction, graphic design, product development, 3-D, photo/video production, interior design and web development. In addition, this team owns the corporate strategy, government affairs, public relations and social media. Wait there’s more. Branding leads Switch’s sustainability efforts and manages the corporate philanthropy vision as defined by CEO Rob Roy. We value diverse individuals and original thinkers who have high integrity, enjoy a collaborative work environment and continuously strive for excellence. Apply if you are fast, funny and brilliant.

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Can you build on our successes? The Construction department is responsible for planning, building, developing and implementing data center design improvements and advances in equipment, systems and processes to maintain the most advanced data center ecosystem in the world. Our team of professionals works closely with the Critical Infrastructure Operations team to manage the overall health of all Switch facilities and their critical power, cooling and monitoring systems. Qualified, industrious applicants are encouraged to apply.

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Critical Systems

Is it important to you that you are best in the world at what you do? If you are driven by excellence and you are qualified, the Critical Systems team (which is the best in the world) may be the place you can excel. The Critical Systems team is responsible for the monitoring, maintenance and repair of the HVAC and electrical infrastructure. We only bring on experienced technicians and apprentices who possess formal technical training in HVAC, electronics or electricity. Qualified candidates must be extremely detail-oriented with excellent verbal and electronic communication skills along with a passion and aptitude for learning the latest in engineering technology every day.

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Facility Operations

Do you thrive in an environment that is project-based and allows you to use conceptual, creative and meticulous detail skills all in one day? Facility Operations will give you all kinds of challenges that will definitely allow you to celebrate in your solutions. Facility Operations is responsible for the appearance and maintenance of all properties and client infrastructure installation. As you can imagine, this is very important in the Switch data centers. We need very talented individuals with excellent mechanical aptitude and can also listen to the goal details, communicate options effectively and enjoy working with a diverse team. New team members will need to have excellent knowledge and use of hand tools and a skilled trade background. Trades could include carpentry, machinery, automotive, fabrication, painting, plumbing, etc. If that is you, join us and enjoy building upon greatness.

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Finance & Accounting

Can you communicate succinctly and passionately in the realm of finance and accounting excellence? Our Finance & Accounting team is responsible for safeguarding and growing our precious Switch assets. You will develop and maintain policies, procedures and ensure audit compliance. We are seeking experienced candidates that possess integrity and a core competency in accurate financial reporting. If you are a team player, hold highly ethical accounting standards and display a passion for your career, we welcome you to apply.

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The Innevation Center

Do you just love event management, karmic collaboration and passionate match-making for businesses? This is your spot. The Innevation Center in Las Vegas is a 65,000-square-foot collaborative work and event space. The Innevation Center located in Reno is 40,000 square feet and just getting started. What is an Innevation center? It is Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy’s philanthropic approach to drive the new Innevation economy in the communities we do business by empowering large scale companies, startups, educators, and community stakeholders to leverage Switch’s thought leadership and the unique technology infrastructure provided by Switch to drive economic diversification in Nevada. Currently the centers are home to more than 70 co-locating companies. These event spaces literally entertain thousands at events every year. We are looking for self-motivated, resourceful and adaptable individuals, who possess excellent customer service skills. Apply and help support Nevada’s economy.

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Network Operations

Are you extremely interested by the idea of driving the network for the Internet of Everything? If so, the Network Operations could be your team. They provide reliable, secure, high-availability network infrastructure and services to support and advance our internal teams as well as our global clients. We are successful due to meticulous planning, proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and outstanding customer service. There are several teams to choose from within Network Operations which is responsible for the entire network infrastructure and its interconnections. Regardless of what team your talents align with, all team members must be able to deliver superior customer service and possess excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills. If you see yourself playing in one these extremely important roles, contact us for more information.

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What if you were part of a world-class technology team that could literally solve every challenge a potential client could come present to you? Our sales team members are brilliant and possess the skills of SUPER heroes. This stellar sales team is responsible for representing Switch and sharing its mind-bending services to potential clients from around the world. As you can imagine, we look for brilliant communicators who have technology sales experience, and compelling public speaking skills. They must have the tuned ability to listen to clients, deliver solutions and opportunities, and truly care about the client experience for years and years after the installation date. Based on our constant innovations, we get to update our clients’ benefits regularly. If you know your stuff, and love to make a difference, call us today.

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What if your job was protecting the physical infrastructure of the internet for Switch and the planet’s most incredible companies? Security is responsible for protection of facility, infrastructure and personnel of the Switch in compliance with intense security standards of the incredible industries that call Switch their data center. Security is one of our most important departments, so we need extremely talented individuals with the utmost integrity and respect for our industry. We need committed candidates who have prior military and/or law enforcement experience, are computer fluent and possess exceptional customer service skills. Candidates with security systems installation or operational safety supervision experience are also of interest to our growing team. If this sounds exciting and wonderfully intense, please contact us.

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Switch University

Do you thrive in an atmosphere of entertainment, program development, thought leadership and the sharing of greatness? Switch University is responsible for supporting the vision of Switch in its commitment to setting the superior standards of mission critical operations and industry excellence. Switch University conducts compliance training and provides ongoing professional development opportunities for our employees. This team is literally developing programs and curriculum for Tier 1 universities. This is an extremely important driver of workforce development in the communities we serve. We are looking for training and development specialists with excellent, polished presentation skills and the ability to manage multiple projects with agility, accuracy and innovation. The future depends on you.

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