The Switch Executive team is comprised of passionate, dedicated industry experts, bringing years of experience to a leading technology infrastructure company. Since its founding, Switch has embraced a culture of diversity and equality, and is a technology company where women represent half of our senior leadership team.

Switch’s founder and CEO, Rob Roy, cultivates a unique client-oriented culture at every level of the company. The team’s motivation and drive to produce the absolute best results for our clients manifests in unparalleled client value and the industry’s best customer service.

Rob Roy

Thomas Morton

Missy Young

Lesley McVay

Gabe Nacht

Terri Borden

Kristi Overgaard

Chris Donnelly

Cindy Zimpfer

Lisa Hurless

Brian Boles

Eddie Schutter

Terri Cooper

Dr. Quinn Pauly

Sam Castor

Jessica Battaglia

Shanna Williams

Bill Kleyman

Rob Elliott

Heather Ellerbe

Jeffery Bryce

Hugo Andraus

Heather Kinder

Raleigh Midura

Dave Glover

Jay Liebe

Betsy Fretwell

Scott Gutierrez

Jennifer Arias

Karlee Richardson

Laura Mach

Jeff Oberschelp

Angel Chitren

Wendy Pope

Michael Wiley

Brian Huff

Shannon Bischel

Amanda Crawford

Chris Osiecki

Chelsea Phillips

Natalie Stewart

Alise Porto


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