Switch CEO and Founder, Rob Roy, saw the opportunity to create geographically-redundant data center facilities in Nevada’s economically-beneficial business environment. Clients can now deploy mission-critical infrastructure and workloads in the world’s largest active-active data center ecosystem, connected by the SUPERLOOP. The Tahoe Reno and Las Vegas facilities are 7ms apart and tied into our private fiber network with super scalability.

The Switch SUPERLOOP gives clients the advantages of a highly-available, fiber network in close vicinity to California’s technology industry, without high taxes, high cost of power, or the high risk of natural disasters.

The Switch SUPERLOOP includes:

  • The world’s first Tier “Elite” data centers geographically separated over 500 miles, connected with a dedicated and diverse fiber network
  • Strategic location to California’s technology hubs – Silicon Valley and Los Angeles
  • One hour flight from most west coast client locations
  • Built in the lowest risk area from natural disasters in western United States
  • Low tax environment – significantly lowering overall costs compared with California
  • Both campus locations are designed to operate indefinitely without water
  • Connected with low-latency dual fiber paths between ecosystems
  • 4 milliseconds from the Bay Area basin
  • 9 milliseconds from Los Angeles metro
  • Leverages the power of the Switch CONNECT purchasing cooperative
500 Miles Apart In Under 7 Milliseconds
West Coast 1000 GIG Data Transfer Loop.

“Switch, the world’s largest data center, is poised to expand to Northern Nevada, bringing $1 billion of investment with it. Switch also plans 1 million square feet of new data center space in Las Vegas, for a total investment of $2 billion. This will make Nevada the most digitally connected state in the nation.”

— Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada, State of the State address, 2015


The World's Leading Data Center Ecosystem Switch
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