Switch CEO and Founder, Rob Roy, saw the opportunity to create geographically-redundant data center facilities in Nevada’s economically-beneficial business environment. Clients can deploy mission-critical infrastructure and workloads in the world’s largest active-active data center ecosystem, comprised of Switch LAS VEGAS and Switch TAHOE RENO, connected by the SUPERLOOP®.

The Switch SUPERLOOP® gives clients the advantages of a highly-available, fiber telecommunications network in close vicinity to California’s technology industry, without high taxes, high cost of power, or the high risk of natural disasters.

The Switch SUPERLOOP® includes:

  • The world’s first Tier 5® Platinum data centers geographically separated over 500 miles, connected with a dedicated and diverse fiber network
  • Strategic location to California’s technology hubs – Silicon Valley and Los Angeles
  • One hour flight from most west coast client locations
  • Built in the lowest risk area from natural disasters in western United States
  • Low tax environment – significantly lowering overall costs compared with California
  • Both campus locations are designed to operate indefinitely without water
  • Connected with low-latency dual fiber paths between ecosystems
  • 4.5 milliseconds from the Bay Area basin
  • 5 milliseconds from Los Angeles metro

Switch FIBER

Switch owns and operates the 7ms fiber connection between our world-leading data center ecosystems in Nevada

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