Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Net ZERO Carbon Emissions

Sustainable by Design®

We are a digital society. Organizations and people rely on critical infrastructure to support data requirements,
applications and services. Many worldwide are already digital natives as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The World Economic Forum defines this new era as a fusion of technologies, blurring the physical,
digital and biological lines. The difference between this revolution and those in the past is that the growth of
advanced digital solutions is evolving exponentially rather than linear. Driving all of this growth is the data that
we create. And at the core of this data creation is the data center.

Powering this Fourth Industrial Revolution will require the densest, more resilient and innovatively sustainable
digital infrastructures. However, as we enter this new phase of our digital economy, it’s essential to understand
that not every data center is built the same. And not all are capable of sustainably powering the Fourth Industrial

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    Sustainability through a focus on Net ZERO Carbon Emissions

    According to
    the EPA, carbon emissions are responsible for more than 80% of overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To remain
    sustainable, enterprises must monitor and report their CO2 emissions, which is the crucial first step in reducing
    them. To help define a company’s carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions are generally categorized into three
    groups, or Scopes, under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. There are three scopes to consider:

    Scope 1. This measure covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.
    Scope 2. This measure covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam,
    heating and cooling the reporting company consumes.
    Scope 3. This measure includes all other indirect emissions in a company’s value chain.

    In selecting a partner for your critical infrastructure, be sure to work with an energy efficient data center that’s
    ready to reduce carbon and is actively working towards net ZERO carbon emissions. For example, Switch has already
    achieved net ZERO Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions.

    Switch’s primary focus in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to ensure all data centers remain 100% renewably
    powered – even as the company grows. In 2019, greenhouse gas emissions from Switch’s electricity use would have
    represented more than 98% of its greenhouse gas footprint had the company not committed to renewable energy.
    Switch’s 2020 greenhouse gas footprint from all other in-score sources was reduced from 2019 and totals only 4800
    metric tons.

    As you prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, be sure to deploy your infrastructure with a green data center
    partner that’s ready to power a constantly evolving digital economy. To learn more about how you can be a part of
    the most innovative and sustainable data center ecosystem, be sure to reach out to Switch and ask how you can make
    your data center design more carbon neutral.