Choosing Resiliency: 100% Uptime in the Most Resilient Infrastructure in the World

Sustainable by Design®

In a world that’s constantly connected, experiencing an outage is more expensive than ever; the average cost of IT
downtime is $5,600 per minute. However, because there is so much variability in how businesses and data centers are
run, the cost of these outages can range from as much as $140,000  to $540,000 per hour of downtime.1

In fact, one real-world financial institution experienced a failed upgrade which resulted in four hours of downtime,
at an estimated cost of  $2.5 million per hour.2

Innovation and Resiliency

At Switch, we not only innovate around resilient solutions, we invented an entire new tier. Switch created the Tier 5® Platinum standard because Switch sustainable
data center designs, facilities and operations far surpass the highest data center benchmarks available today.
Switch’s CEO and Founder, Rob Roy has continued designing, building and operating data centers since 2000. Rob Roy
has well over 700 patent and patent pending claims that protect his vision and inventions. Accordingly, for nearly
two decades, Switch’s data center and telecommunication technology and services have been praised as Tier
Elite® – above and beyond any current tier metric.

As demonstrated by the foils below, in 2014, Switch became the first and only carrier-neutral
multi-tenant/colocation facility to be certified “Tier IV Gold” by the Uptime Institute. In 2016, Switch became the
only entity to do so – twice. For each facility, Switch obtained certification in both Design and
Facility categories. Switch then underwent a rigorous analysis of its operational teams and was awarded “Tier IV
Gold” certifications for Operational Excellence by the Uptime Institute.

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    Although not critical to its market position, Switch pursued industry certifications to provide clarity to those
    less familiar with data center technology. Switch also wanted to ensure no one
    was misled by would-be competitors misrepresenting the quality or reliability of their facilities. To continue its
    pursuit of building the world’s best and most sustainable data centers, Switch raised the bar beyond current
    industry standards with its own Tier 5® Platinum data center standards.

    Resiliency in Connectivity

    It’s important to note that remaining resilient doesn’t stop at infrastructure. Ensuring that your connected
    services remain operational is critical. This means protecting networks and communications against attacks and even
    DDoS. For example, Switch focuses on helping you stay resilient with global interconnectivity options. This means
    leveraging cross connects to connect to cloud exchange providers, colocation facilities and even an offsite enterprise data center.
    Plus, from a telecommunications perspective, Switch ensures that your data center services can support multiple
    carriers for true redundancy.

    The Tier 5 Difference

    Incorporating Switch’s patented data center technologies,
    Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum standard is the zenith of elegance with a heretofore unseen holistic approach to data
    center integrity and reliability. The Uptime Institute does not certify data center designs, facilities or
    operations, as Tier V.

    Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum guarantees that a data center’s power and cooling systems are fault sustainable, but also
    guarantees many other elements critical to support the Internet of Absolutely Everything®. Switch’s Tier
    5 Platinum contemplates internet connectivity and reliability of carrier services, physical security, regional
    disaster risks and the sustainability and energy efficiency of a facility.

    A detailed comparison between the Tier IV standard and Switch’s Tier 5 standard is available here.

    To learn more about how you can be a part of the most resilient and sustainable data center ecosystems, be sure
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