Switch’s Top 5 – 2019 Data Center Predictions

2019 is going to be an exciting year! With the growth of data, a boom in cloud consumption, and new hyperscale data center solutions, technology leaders are constantly tasked with keeping up and staying ahead. It’s absolutely critical to look towards a truly-digital future. Leaders in the technology space don’t need to rip and replace everything they have now. But they will need to adapt. New solutions are building the bridge into the future digital space and to be competitive, you’ll need to look at and adopt these trends. With that, let’s look at Switch’s Top 5 – 2019 Data Center Predictions.

  1. AI and cognitive systems will take a more prominent role in data center operations.
    AI’s increased role in repetitive methods of procedures will bring efficiencies to data center operations and engineering. AI is augmenting data center infrastructure management, from the regulation of temperatures to the inventory of gear, anomaly detection and power usage. Efficiencies gained from leveraging an ‘AI ready’ infrastructure are a solid step towards the digital future.
  2. Sustainable Power Storage will play a significant role, regardless of data center size.
    Already, organizations are actively partnering with digital leaders who can provide sustainable energy sources. Find a colocation data center that is 100% green to take advantage of the renewable energy credits and peace of mind associated with using sustainable power to run your stack.
  3. The Edge Will Bring People Closer Together and Will Continue to Innovate.
    Edge services are being deployed within a number of different industries. For example, industrial IoT has been gaining a lot of traction. As the Edge continues to innovate and be regulated, anticipate that the data curated will have policy on storage and use.

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    • 5G Connectivity Will Grow in Response to Public Demand for the Internet of Things.
      The increase and varieties of internet connected devices and the bandwidth to support them will drive data center demand. This technology trend will also increase the need for edge data center networks to extend their reach in closer proximity to end users than have been previously required.
    • Hybrid Cloud Will Enable Further Data Center Efficiencies and Consolidation.
      Hybrid cloud solutions are enabling enterprises to close their own data center operations and having a trusted colocation partner is more important than ever to maintain integrity. We’re seeing a rise in both colocation utilization alongside public cloud deployments. Remember, the future of enterprise hybrid cloud is only as good as the infrastructure, ecosystem and partners that support it. Choose wisely.

    Looking Ahead
    Switch caters to enterprise customers that need the capabilities of digital solutions, but don’t want to put everything into the cloud. However, beyond just a connection into the cloud, we provide a backbone deep into cloud systems. Eddie Schutter, CTO, Switch says, “Switch can become an extension of our clients’ digital teams.” Simply put, Switch becomes the digital foundation on behalf of the customer.