The Pace of Technology is Accelerating, Switch to Nevada

On your mark, get set, go digital.

Getting Started on Your Digital Journey

Remember, whether you like it or not, you’re already on a digital journey. Our world will only become more connected. Organizations will strive to achieve data locality with their clients by ensuring data and services are as close to the source as possible. Again, this is why you must look way beyond just partnering with a data center. You need a digital hub and a technology partner.

Consider Switch’s Digital Factor:

  • Switch’s technology ecosystems facilitate client growth without any future concerns around power, cooling, connectivity, space, or interconnection with the Internet. Remember, it’s not about the rack, it’s about the capability your digital partner can bring you.
  • As a backbone to the cloud, Switch’s hyperscale architectures allow for an environment that helps future-proof your technology solution choices for the next decade and beyond. This isn’t just an interconnect into a public cloud vendor. Rather, this is a backbone connection into the worlds’ leading cloud providers. Switch’s Tier 5® Platinum data centers enable the highest-rated resiliency and physical security in the world’s largest hyperscale campus ecosystems.
  • You’re not just working with Switch, you’re leveraging a community of brilliant people. Switch’s economic development centers support the growth of the innovation economy fueled by community collaboration, the startup and growing up community, education, and of course the Switch client ecosystem.

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    • Digital ecosystems need green solutions to support our world. Since January 1, 2016, Switch data centers run on 100% renewable energy. Guided by the vision of Founder and CEO Rob Roy, Switch continues to work on ensuring the sustainable growth of the Internet and cloud. This effort has been recognized by Greenpeace in its latest Clicking Clean report where Switch scores among the highest for any class of company and is the definitive leader among colocation operators.

    So Much More Than a Data Center

    Whether you’re in facilities, IT, or business – you’re a part of the digital transformation. You’ll see it in your home, your everyday life, and certainly in your business. And just like legacy solutions that no longer fit into our modern world, your technology partner must deliver on digital capabilities. This means working with someone who can show you a roadmap that’s so much more than just a data center.  Switch offers independence as a service.  That independence will take you from analog to digital, and beyond. Start your journey today and Switch from legacy to truly digital capabilities.