The Carrier-Neutral Data Center: Why It’s Important To You

We are a truly connected society. More than ever before, technology leaders are working to find ways to help people and businesses connect more efficiently. Between edge computing, 5G, new requirements around applications and services, and a growing count of connected devices, telecommunications and connectivity are at the forefront of our digital world.

According to IDC, “Networks must support a significant increase in high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive applications and rely on advanced digital management platforms. This trend will drive investments in the networking market in 2021 and beyond.” A significant consideration for those that deliver latency-sensitive, high-bandwidth, and critical applications revolves around telecommunications. To achieve the best possible levels of performance and resilience, you need to look for partners that can deliver on carrier-neutrality.

So – why are carrier-neutral data center companies so important? What is a carrier-neutral partner?

A carrier-neutral data center supports an advanced infrastructure that allows for the direct interconnection between numerous telecommunications, colocation and interconnection providers. Telecommunications leaders like Switch are independent of any one service provider allowing them to offer a wide variety of connections from 50+ providers, enabling clients to have the freedom of choice. Working with multiple telecommunications, ISP and other ethernet services, Switch can provide diversity, flexibility, high levels of resiliency, redundancy, DDoS protection and latency controls.

Remember, without carrier neutrality, consumers can quickly find themselves paying far more for telecommunications with fewer benefits and fewer options.


The Carrier-Neutral Benefits

Switch’s carrier-neutral design allows for one of the most resilient and flexible telecommunications architectures in the industry. The CORE® Cooperative combines the world’s only independent exascale data center ecosystem with the world’s most powerful telecom infrastructure to offer clients a competitive advantage that is truly unmatched. Cooperative purchasing power is achieved by combining the telecom orders of hundreds of clients and thousands of circuits. The collective telecom purchasing volume enables significant savings for co-op members. The benefits go way beyond cost reduction:

  • Access to 50+ providers at competitive pricing and wholesale rates
  • Full telecom services including network design, installation and project management
  • MPLS, IP, Transport, Voice, and SD-WAN (circuits do not have to terminate at Switch)
  • Customizable direct connections to any location (international services available)
  • Consolidated billing with a single monthly invoice for all carrier services


This is a perfect time to reflect on your telecommunications requirements and how you are currently supported today. Reach out to today to receive more capacity, better performance, low latency and significantly lower costs.