Switch SUPERNAP Partners With 6fusion For Better Usage And Cost Transparency

Switch SUPERNAP has partnered with 6fusion for better cost transparency. 6fusion’s technology and utility methodology will be integrated into SUPERNAP’s technology environment to provide cost transparency through 6fusion’s patented unit of measure, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC).

The partnership will form the cornerstone of the recently announced spot market for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, where WAC will serve as the standard unit of measure for contracts. Colocation providers continue to look for ways to enable cloud for their customers.

6fusion enables the delivery of IT-as-a-Utility. It shows organizations what they are actually using and spending on their IT infrastructure. Through its WAC unit of measure, customers see the Total Cost of Consumption (TCC) of their business services. This helps to optimize both cost and energy efficiency as well as forecast future use.

The two companies will focus on enabling enterprises and cloud providers to get a better grip on infrastructure usage and cost. Cloud operators will be able to provide an “apples-to-apples” transaction language. Usage trends and identifying patterns critical to business are used to plan going forward.

“The combination of SUPERNAP’s ultra-scale environment and 6fusion’s capability to measure and quantify IT infrastructure as a utility will deliver unmatched value to buyers and sellers in the industry,” said Jason Mendenhall, Switch SUPERNAP Executive Vice President of Cloud.

SuperNAP 8 is the newest facility on the Switch campus. The 350,000 square foot facility was built using pre-fabricated modular components manufactured by Switch, and features new innovations in cooling and power distribution. In February it became the first colocation facility to earn Tier IV Construction certification from Uptime.

“6fusion’s unique technology and vision for an open market combined with the depth and breadth of the Switch SUPERNAP ecosystem makes this partnership one to watch,” said William Fellows, Vice President 451 Research.