Switch FABRIC is a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution that enables customers to deploy, manage and scale their network infrastructure quickly and easily.

Connect, Configure and Scale Your Network in Minutes

The Switch FABRIC™ Network as a Service provider platform lets you connect your data centers to global locations and multiple clouds in an instant. This is particularly useful if you need to expand your network quickly or adjust network traffic on the fly.

Through our NaaS partners, this service offers flexible network topologies, on-demand cloud connectivity, real-time visibility and control, increased network reliability and security wrapped in a robust self-service portal.

Powerful Modern Network Tools to:

Connect Your Data Centers

Whether migrating your cloud or data center to a new location or managing current deployments – connect to any provider, anywhere in the world, in minutes

Optimize Your network

Take advantage of unique telecom auditing and purchasing to save money with the ability to adapt and grow your network on-demand

Route Your Cloud

Seamlessly move network traffic directly between multiple clouds with increased flexibility, reliability, security and cost efficiency

More Choices, Better Solutions

Switch does not believe in providing access to a SINGLE network, a SINGLE footprint or a SINGLE topology… but ALL networks, ALL footprints, ALL topologies. We provide access to multiple carriers and options to best fit your business.

  • Order a Cross Connect into a Switch FABRIC provider
  • Access Switch FABRIC on the Switch DOCK Client Portal
  • Create and activate ports, virtual circuits, and cloud connections in minutes!

Featured Provider

Easily manage connections to your diverse deployments, using industry-leading fabric providers, in real-time.

Additional NaaS / CDN Partners to be Announced Soon!

Transform Your Network Capabilities Today,
Now Virtual and On-Demand, with Switch FABRIC.

The Switch FABRIC provider platform is available to Switch customers through the Switch DOCK Client Portal.
Order a cross connect to get started today.