Switch Announces Industry-Transforming Built-To-Suit Switch MOD Data Center Product Line

Switch MOD 100 and Switch MOD 250 Data Centers can be Customized and Scaled to Meet On-Premise Customer Demand


LAS VEGAS — Switch, the global technology solutions company that is powering the future of the connected world, today announced its Modularly Optimized Design (MOD) line of data centers that can be customized and scaled to meet client needs. The MOD design captures Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy’s mission to build the most advanced data centers on the planet, incorporating his more than 350 issued and pending patent claims that are revolutionizing the data center industry.

“Rob Roy pioneered massive, modular data centers when he introduced his patented Switch WDMD® (Wattage Density Modular Designs) back in 2007,” said Switch Executive Vice President of Policy and Deputy General Counsel Sam Castor. “Today many companies copy these designs in their data centers and while Switch is flattered we are also ramping up our IP legal team to address those that are infringing on our patents.”

Switch MOD gives clients mission-critical, future-proof expansion capabilities at competitive prices. The Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 are built to Switch’s proprietary Tier 5® Data Center Standard, which not only encompasses the resiliency and redundancy in other data center ratings systems, but also evaluates more than 30 additional key elements. These elements include long-term power system capabilities, the number of available carriers, dual roof with zero roof penetrations, the absence of cooling system lines in or above the data center, physical and network security and 100-percent use of renewable energy.

Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 products are built to the Tier 5® data center standard at costs comparable to those that other companies incur to build lower-rated Tier 2 and Tier 3 facilities.

The MOD 250 is Switch’s hyperscale data center ecosystem designed, constructed and operated to the same specifications as the company’s existing LAS VEGAS SUPERNAP data centers. The MOD 250 provides scalable power, space and cooling for massive hyperscale deployments for single user clients.

The MOD 100, represents Switch’s solution for a rapidly deployable, single user environment that can be extended to nearly any location around the globe. The MOD 100 data center can be customized to fit on premise, at the edge or in a dense urban environment on a parcel as small as 400 feet by 400 feet. As a demonstration of its ability to be rapidly deployed, the first Switch MOD 100 (LAS VEGAS 12) was completed on The Core Campus in Las Vegas in just six months.

“The Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 are both developed to be the most efficient, resilient and sustainable products delivering 100 percent uptime to meet the demands of Switch’s new and existing customers,” said Switch Executive Vice President of Corporate Development Missy Young. “They are deployable anywhere in the world to provide the highest-rated technology ecosystem possible to support the tremendous growth of the internet of absolutely everything.”

Switch’s world class colocation customers include Amazon Web Services, eBay, Marvel, Shutterfly, FOX, Amgen, Lionsgate, Zappos, Intuit, DreamWorks, Intel, MGM, HP, PayPal, Hulu, Machine Zone, Boeing, Warner Brothers, NASA, Verizon and many hundreds more.

Switch believes it can build facilities at a scale, pace and cost-savings unmatched in the industry by manufacturing 80 percent of the components used to construct Switch MOD data centers. Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 products house all of Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy’s patented data center systems into physically secure, optimally-integrated, future-proof, mission-critical facilities.