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Our connected society is directly dependent on critical infrastructure. However, a new focus around critical infrastructure revolves around our ability to deliver green and sustainable power. A very recent study published in the journal Science concluded that data centers accounted for about 205 terawatt-hours of electricity usage in 2018. According to the report, the 205 terawatt-hours showed a 6% increase in total power consumption since 2010. However, over that same period, data center compute instances across the globe rose by 550%.

This compute distribution represents what we see both at the core and the new edges of our technology ecosystems. The report noted that although the amount of power we’re consuming is generally holding steady due to advancements around efficiency, converged infrastructure and better power utilization, considerably more compute is still being deployed. Furthermore, the critical nature of this compute continues to increase as well, which means that the power associated with essential infrastructure becomes even more critical.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that not every data center is the same, and not every green data center design sources power in the same fashion. To create a more sustainable future and to power your critical infrastructure, it’s imperative to look for colocation partners that source energy sustainably and maintain 100% uptime.

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    Powering Sustainability: Green by Design

    As a leading technology infrastructure and data center colocation provider, Switch’s most significant opportunity to impact global climate change is to reduce the impacts associated with the electricity used to power our green data centers. Switch has been tirelessly committed to powering its energy efficient data centers with 100% renewable power. Since January 2016, all Switch data centers have run on 100% renewable energy in all our Prime Campus locations.

    For example, Switch has two solar generated power projects in Southern Nevada, with a combined 179MW of capacity. Environmental impacts of these solar project include:

    • New, locally-sourced, 100% renewable energy to power Switch data centers
    • Removing the equivalent of 50,000 cars off the road
    • Eliminating 265,000 carbon tons of emission from the environment

    Finally, Switch provides its clients with a Sustainability Certificate for using 100% renewable energy within our technology ecosystem. This certificate demonstrates that Switch has retired Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on behalf of our clients, enabling them to designate their energy consumption from any Switch data center as 100% renewable. These RECs comply with Greenpeace’s principles of locality, additionality and sustainability. Furthermore, powering your critical infrastructure with Switch’s sustainable data centers ensures that you’re also building an ESG-compliant technology ecosystem.

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