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    Nevada, with access to the nation’s best solar window generates new renewables in the state to power Switch’s 100% renewably powered data centers. Switch’s issued and pending patent innovations in design, power, cooling and density results in significant efficiencies and outstanding annual PUE ratings.

    In 2016, Switch began construction of two solar power stations in Las Vegas, Nevada with a combined 179MW of capacity. These facilities have the ability to:

    • Power Switch’s Nevada data centers with 100% renewable energy
    • Remove the equivalent of 50,000 cars off the road
    • Eliminate 265,000 carbon tons of emission from the environment

    Leading Power and Cooling Efficiency
    Switch’s power and cooling technologies allow us to provide a density of up to 55kW per cabinet and achieve annual PUE ratings of 1.28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and an estimated 1.20 in Reno, Nevada.

    Switch’s efforts have been recognized by Greenpeace in their 2017 Clicking Clean Report where Switch scored all A grades, the highest rating for any class of company – and was identified as the definitive leader among colocation operators.

    “The leaders—Apple, Google, Facebook, and now Switch—have shown a commitment and ability to remain focused on longer term plays to open monopoly markets to renewables.”
    – Greenpeace | The Clicking Clean Report