LaunchKey Announces Public Beta Hosted at Switch SUPERNAP

Secure, Password-free Authentication Application

LAS VEGAS, NV – June 20, 2013 – LaunchKey, a secure approach to sign on or authenticate without passwords by using a multi-factor authentication process on a smartphone or tablet, launched its private beta in May and plans to launch its public beta on July 1. During the private beta, hosted at the Switch SUPERNAP, LaunchKey invited a select group of developers and web site managers to implement and test their solution. During the public beta, the application will be available to all developers for integration into websites and mobile applications, providing users with a trustworthy alternative to access these sites with a single sign on and without reliance upon personally identifiable information.

LaunchKey was established in July 2012 at Startup Weekend Las Vegas at The Rob Roy inNEVation Center, where the founders won first place and the award for best design. The company was co-founded by Geoff Sanders, Yo Sub Kwon and Devin Egan, and is focused on supporting consumer and enterprise markets, and built to meet government security regulations and compliances. LaunchKey will offer the application in the Apple App Store and Google Play on July 1.

“User authentication as we currently know it is a flawed process,” said LaunchKey Co-Founder Geoff Sanders. “Our solution will change the way people think about user authentication by providing secure and private access to online user accounts with a single sign on using a true multi-factor authentication, without the use of passwords. Privacy and security are paramount to LaunchKey and the Switch SUPERNAP provides us the security, scalability and reliability to successfully manage the public beta.”

LaunchKey built their cloud-based infrastructure on the Joyent Cloud, hosted by Switch, the developer of the renowned SUPERNAPS. This Virtual Private Network provides the highest levels of security and is scalable in real time – critical factors for application development and testing. The SUPERNAPS are the largest, best-designed technology ecosystems in the world.

“LaunchKey, is a strong Las Vegas technology success story,” said Jason Mendenhall, executive vice president of cloud at Switch. “This team gets it and we love collaborating with them to help build their success. As entrepreneurs, LaunchKey is a great example of how we can help diversify Nevada’s economic landscape through technology innovation.”

LaunchKey is currently in the process of negotiating partnerships with leading technology providers, with plans to announce these partnerships later this summer. For more information, or to sign up for the public beta after the July 1 launch, visit