IP Policy

  • We are able to provide up to a /25 of additional address space on our primary ASN (AS23005) and up to a /29 of additional address space on our secondary ASN (AS22911) with proper justification.
  • Switch adheres strictly to ARIN’s former policies regarding assignment and allocation of IPv4 address space.
  • Switch requires specification down to each individual IP required and we will be happy to provide an example spreadsheet, as well as blank form to allow ease of filling in the blanks for each IP of the netblock requested.
  • For future IP allocation requests, Switch requires a minimum 80% current allocation usage before additional IP space will be considered. We employ a few different methods of checking to see if the current allocation usage meets that 80% requirement.
  • Switch does offer IPv6 Address Space and dual stack configuration options. For both of our ASNs, we can assign an IPv6 /56 at your request without the previously mentioned justification requirements.

IP Justification Form