Game company plans $50 million expansion into Southern Nevada

Machine Zone, Inc., the company behind “Game of War: Fire Age” — the top grossing iPhone game in 30 countries — announced plans Thursday to expand its operation into Southern Nevada.

The company is expected to make a $50 million investment in the state, in large part by purchasing up to 4,000 servers. Machine Zone has already signed a lease for a 12,000-square-foot property in Southern Nevada and plans to hire 50 full-time employees in data, customer service and quality assurance.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development board unanimously approved about $3.8 million in tax breaks for the company over the next three years.

“The economic development incentives offered by the State of Nevada have been an integral factor in our decision making process to locate our operation here in the state,” Chief Legal Officer Victoria Valenzuela wrote in a letter submitted to the board. “We have been examining multiple locations throughout the western states and ultimately, after much due diligence and economic feasibility analysis, Nevada was chosen for its overall incentive package and pro-business climate.”

Valenzuela said the firm also considered locations in Texas, Arizona and on the East Coast.

“This is a significant step out of California for us,” she said.

The move is also a big win for Las Vegas data company Switch, which Machine Zone officials said was a significant factor in their decision.

“We are locating our major data operations into the best data center in North America,” Valenzuela’s letter said.

Southern Nevada will serve as a data hub for the company. Their servers will be housed at Switch and managed by Machine Zone.

It will remain headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif.