Future-Proof Your Business, Switch to Nevada

We are all a part of an evolving digital world.

Start with your home – do you have any IoT devices? Now, what about your everyday life? Have you chatted with a customer service rep recently? It’s quite possible this was an AI engine and you didn’t even know it. In the business world, organizations are leveraging data solutions, powerful cloud architectures, and integration with digital-ready data center ecosystems to further impact their competitive stance in a digital market.

Letting Go of the ‘Digital Fear’ and Embracing a Connected World

Fear is arguably one of the biggest hurdles in facing the digital dilemma in today’s world. And, technologists alongside executives know this. But, it’s a challenge to align with data center and technology leaders. That’s a big reason why they don’t want to ‘own’ data centers. “If there is any fear of the destruction of the data center market it has only been that not everyone needs to own a data center,” states Eddie Schutter, CTO at Switch. “Data centers as a population are clearly growing. The ‘fear’ is nothing more than the fear of change itself, which in the digital industry will change frequently.”

So, what does future-proof mean for a digital world?

  • Future-proof means 100% Sustainably Powered
  • Future-proof means Tier 5® Platinum Data Centers with World-Leading Uptime
  • Future-proof means Intelligent Design for Power-Efficient Technology
  • Future-proof means Complete Hyperscale Capability
  • Future-proof means the Backbone to the Cloud
  • Future-proof means Constant Innovation
  • Future-proof Means Partnering with a Digitally-Ready Ecosystem Partner

Future-proof means Switch.

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