“I chose Switch as our newest colocation service provider for a variety of reasons:

1) After an in-person visit, it was obvious how much more robust the facilities are compared to providers we’ve worked with previously.

2) There is superb security that goes well beyond keeping unauthorized entities outside. Both staff, and customers, must adhere to policies and procedures, with real penalties for violations. The typical issue of one colocation tenant creating a risk for another has been significantly reduced.

3) Industry requirements, and certifications, such as PCI, are more easily met when your colocation partner doesn’t require your creating compensating controls for their deficiencies, which is what I’d typically dealt with prior to Switch. Switch’s services complement, or even reduce, the burdens created by PCI certification.

4) High expectations, for both technical support and staff responsiveness, were set during pre-sales discussions. I’m happy to say they have been met repeatedly after service commenced.”