Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Switch is a technology infrastructure ecosystem corporation whose core business is the design, construction and operation of the most advanced data centers and most powerful technology ecosystems on the planet.

We believe that the future progress of humanity depends on the sustainable growth of the Internet. As more people, businesses, governments and devices come online, the need for data centers increases, as does the growing need to power those data centers with renewable energy.

At Switch, every team member is driven to produce real results for our clients – technologically and financially. Our data center ecosystem empowers our clients with a myriad of options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.


More than a decade and a half ago, Rob Roy realized that the data center industry was going to experience unbelievable growth in all aspects of scope and consumption. It was at that time that he put forth his first patented design metrics for his Switch WDMD (Wattage Density Modular Design) program. Since that time, Rob Roy has added numerous patent claims to his portfolio and has currently developed over 350 issued and pending patent claims. Most of today’s data center companies use concepts that were first patented and introduced by Rob Roy as part of Switch WDMD. Not only is he the pioneer of many of the data center concepts and practices in use today by most practitioners in the industry, Rob Roy’s facilities have been using these practices for well over a decade, long before most of the other providers started to copy Switch’s designs and operational programs.

Data Center Designs that were Patented and Put to Use in Switch’s Data Centers:

  • 100% hot aisle containment rows, using isolated pathways bringing heat up into a separated heat containment area.
  • Multi-system exterior wall penetrating HVAC units, designed to modularly adjust with density needs as well as reach the highest levels of sustainability.
  • Multi-color power systems to ensure elite performance levels of deployment, operability and security.
  • Power spine electrical pathway delivery (building design) ensures flexibility and sustainability, enabling capital expenditure intelligence.
  • Proprietary and patented Living Data Center (DCIM) Switch software that surpasses all current existing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) offerings.


Switch SHIELD 100% Hot Aisle Containment Rows Wattage Density, Modular Design Multi-System Exterior Wall Penetrating HVAC Units Switch BLACK IRON FOREST Switch LIVING DATA CENTER

A dual 200-mph-rated roofing system to mitigate extreme weather conditions.

100% Hot Aisle Containment Rows

A heat containment cabinet platform that separates hot and cold air.

Wattage Density, Modular Design

Three N+2 color-coded systems to deliver tri-redundant power and 100% uptime.

Multi-System Exterior Wall Penetrating HVAC Units

A multi-mode HVAC platform generating uninterruptible, high-efficiency cooling.


A steel infrastructure matrix that radiates cold to maintain temperature.


An autonomous building management system that ensures data center efficiency.

Over 350 Issued and Pending Patent Claims

In Rob Roy’s mission to redesign and redefine every aspect of the data center, he has developed more than 350 patent and patent-pending claims. These designs are manifested in industry-renowned Switch data centers in the United States and SUPERNAP International facilities in Europe and Asia.


Data Center Cage, Switch LAS VEGAS 8 — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

At Switch, every team member is motivated to “do the right thing” by our clients. Our non-commission sales teams are genuinely driven to help you achieve the perfect solution for your technology and business needs.

Switch fosters a collaborative environment lead by the dedicated client services team who connect you to other clients. They are driven to help you build the perfect solution for your enterprise.


“We’re wrapping up our first trip tonight and I wanted to say thanks for all the help this week. You made our first deployment at the SUPERNAP a pleasant experience and made it all look too easy. We are already looking forward to coming back for the next round of gear.”

— Bungie

Switch Announces Its New Tier 5 Platinum Data Center Standard

“When I certified Switch’s SUPERNAP 8 as Tier IV Gold in 2014, and Switch’s SUPERNAP 9 as Tier IV Gold in 2016, I realized there were no other data centers that matched Switch’s patented designs, facilities and operations. After twenty years certifying 80% of the Tier IV facilities in North America, I realized that Switch is the world’s first Tier 5 data center.”

— Ed Rafter, Former Senior Uptime Institute Electrical Engineer

Switch data center designs, facilities and operations exceed all current data center industry benchmarks. As such, Switch offers the world’s only, Tier 5 Platinum data centers.

In 2014, Switch became the first and only carrier-neutral multi-tenant/colocation facility to be certified Tier IV Gold by the Uptime Institute. In 2016, Switch became the only entity to do so, twice. For each facility, Switch obtained certification in both Design and Facility categories. Switch also obtained Gold status for its Operations. Switch went through this exercise, both times, to further reinforce Switch’s technology leadership and add transparency to its offerings.

Switch continues the pursuit of designing, building and operating the world’s best data centers. In doing so, Switch now raises the bar beyond current industry standards with its own Tier 5 Platinum data center standard. A comparison between Uptime Institute’s Tier IV and Switch’s Tier 5 standard is available here.


“As always, thank you for being there for us. The Switch team is the best.”

— Tangerine Global

Data Center Sector, Switch LAS VEGAS 8 — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Power of Collaboration

By building super scale data centers, Switch hosts a powerful, collaborative technology ecosystem trusted by hundreds of world-leading corporations, government agencies, and innovative enterprises across every industry, including over 100 cloud and managed service providers. Switch clients get direct access to technology and cloud services without needing to leave the data center.

Clients can also take advantage of Switch CONNECT – the world’s most powerful telecom purchasing cooperative, and Switch SAFE – the scalable D/DoS attack mitigation platform.

Western U.S. Markets — West Coast 1000 GIG Data Transfer Loop

SUPERLOOP for Mission-Critical Workloads

As more people and devices consume networked services, the need for these infrastructures to be highly available increases dramatically. Switch SUPERLOOP enables you to host critical IT infrastructure on the world’s largest active/active data center ecosystem.

SUPERLOOP was built by Switch to connect our multi-billion dollar colocation ecosystems together with 7ms of latency and massive scale. The fiber network also serves Nevada’s schools and rural communities with hundreds of Gbps of capacity and wholesale pricing.


SUPER Scalability

Switch builds the world’s largest data centers and collaborative ecosystems – and as result, clients have access to economies of scale that are unmatched in the industry. Our clients can run IT infrastructure in data centers that exceed Tier 5 Platinum standards without paying a premium price. Every day as a client, you could save thousands of dollars in overall data center expenses when you combine multi-tenant/colocation with Switch CORE managed by Switch CONNECT.

Switch’s superscale data centers are future proof in both space, power and cooling. Even your most demanding workloads have room to grow with your business.

Data Center Cage, Switch LAS VEGAS 8 — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Switch SAFE D/DoS scalable attack mitigation platform
Switch SECURITY includes 7-layer physical surveillance, military trained officers on-site, who are 100% employed by Switch
Switch FIRE BRIGADE is dedicated to service Switch data centers


Switch was founded on a principle of karma: putting good energy out into the world and getting good energy back. As Switch builds more data centers to respond to the rapid growth of the Internet, we work to ensure that the surrounding communities, economies and the planet also benefit.


Since January 1, 2016, Switch data centers in the United States run on 100% renewable energy. Our efforts were recognized by Greenpeace in its Clicking Clean Report where Switch scored the highest for any class of company and was honored as the definitive leader among colocation operators. Switch’s sustainability initiative is built on the foundation of Rob Roy’s highly-efficient, forward-thinking data center designs.


100% Sustainable, Switch LAS VEGAS 8 — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Economic and Community Development

Stage 2, Rob Roy's Innevation Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Rob Roy’s Innevation Centers are driven by his passion for improving surrounding economies and communities. Rob Roy is “paying forward” the success of Switch by helping to empower the next generation of economic leaders, emerging tech companies, global powerhouses, economic developers, educators, students, community stakeholders and universities in an open, collaborative environment.


Switch LAS VEGAS 8 Data Center — The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Rob Roy believes in building better communities and improving local economies through technology, education and economic diversification. By leveraging Switch’s data centers as platforms for economic development, the company fulfills its mission to positively impact the communities surrounding its facilities and the world at large.


“Thank you for such a quick response. The Switch team is the best.”

— AboveNet

“I appreciate the great customer service and what the Switch team members do above and beyond the call of duty.”


“Awesome. As always, Switch is the best.”


“Everything with Switch has been working as expected or better. Thank you again to Switch for the incredible service.”

— Zuffa

Future-Proof Colocation

Switch’s multi-tenant/colocation data centers exceed current industry standards in design, construction and operations such that they are the world’s first Tier 5® or Tier “Elite” data centers. These super scale facilities provide clients access to the power of a diverse technology collaboration ecosystem and a dedicated team driven to help clients connect, innovate and develop the technologies of the future.

Multi-Tenant / Colocation Facilities Include:

  • Membership in Switch CONNECT, the purchasing and collaboration ecosystem
  • Full Network Operations Center (NOC) operational support
  • Distributed denial of service (D/DoS) mitigation offered through Switch SAFE®
  • The option to expand to global data center locations with the same high standards
  • Immediate access to a collaborative technology ecosystem made of more than 1,000 clients and over 50 telecom providers
Switch LAS VEGAS 8, 9 and 10 Data Centers
The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Power of Switch, Built-to-Suit Your Needs

Switch SMART Research & Development Center / Switch LAS VEGAS 12 Data Center – A Switch MOD 100 Facility
The Core Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Switch MOD® line of data center products incorporate Switch’s modularly optimized designs and are built with the same high standards as Switch’s multi-user/colocation facilities. Switch MOD can be customized and scaled to meet on-premise customer demand.

The MOD design incorporates Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy’s patented data center systems into physically secure, optimally-integrated, future-proof, mission-critical facilities. Switch’s patented 100% Hot Aisle Containment Rows and Exterior Wall Penetrating Multi-Mode HVAC Units are at the heart of Switch’s reliability and efficiency. Additionally, components featured in Switch MOD data centers are manufactured through exclusive license agreements and are only available through Switch.

By exclusively manufacturing 80% of what goes into Switch MOD data centers, Switch can build at a scale, pace and cost-savings unmatched in the industry – translating into speed to market, unbeatable value and the highest quality data centers that far exceed industry standards.

The Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 are built to Switch’s proprietary Tier 5® data center standards, which not only encompasses the resiliency and redundancy in other data center ratings systems, but also evaluates more than 30 additional key elements.

“Rob Roy pioneered massive modular data centers when he patented his Switch WDMD® (Wattage Density Modular Designs) back in 2007,” said Switch Executive Vice President of Policy and Deputy General Counsel Sam Castor. “Today, many companies copy these designs in their data centers and while Switch is flattered we are also ramping up our IP legal team to address those that are infringing on our patents.”

Switch MOD 100 and MOD 250 products are built to the Tier 5® data center standard at costs comparable to those other companies incur to build lower-rated Tier 2 and Tier 3 facilities.

Switch MOD 100

  • Single user environment that can be extended to nearly any location around the globe
  • Customized to fit on-premise, at the edge or in a dense urban environment
  • Fits on a parcel as small as 400 feet by 400 feet and can be scaled to any size
  • Rapidly deployable


Switch MOD 250

  • Hyperscale data center ecosystem
  • Provides scalable power, space and cooling for massive deployments for single user clients
  • Designed, constructed and operated to the same specifications of LAS VEGAS SUPERNAP

Switch MOD 100 – Expanded View

(Artist Rendering)


The World's Leading Data Center Ecosystem Switch
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