Data Center Design: A Few Key Considerations

With constant connectivity becoming the new normal in a digital society, data centers sit at the heart of the data exchange. A recent from Grand View Research indicates that, “The global data center market size was valued at USD 207.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from 2020 to 2027. The continued increase in data consumption and the growing demand for cloud computing are expected to drive the market growth for data center utilization.”

As more organizations turn to advanced data center solutions to help their business become more agile and competitive, it’s important to note that not all data centers are built the same. Poorly designed data centers, although inexpensive, will drive your costs up if you experience an outage. According to Gartner, “The average downtime costs $5,600 per minute.” Looking at an hourly cost, an organization could see an outage price tag between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour, depending on the business.

Data Center Design: The Rob Roy Factor

More than two decades ago, Switch CEO and Founder Rob Roy realized that the data center industry would experience unbelievable growth in all aspects of scope and consumption. At that time, he put forth his first patented design metrics for his Switch WDMD® (Wattage Density Modular Design) program. Since that time, Rob Roy has added numerous patent claims to his portfolio and has developed over [snippet id=patentcount] issued and pending patent claims for data center designs and technologies.

Most of today’s use concepts first patented and introduced by Rob Roy as part of Switch WDMD®. Not only is he the pioneer of many of the data center concepts and practices in use today by most practitioners in the industry, but Rob Roy’s facilities have also been using these practices for well over a decade.

Key Patented Designs at Switch’s Data Centers:

  • 100% hot aisle containment rows, using isolated pathways bringing heat up into a separated heat containment area
  • Multi-system exterior wall penetrating HVAC units, designed to adjust with density modularly needs and reach the highest levels of sustainability
  • Multi-color power systems to ensure elite performance levels of deployment, operability and security
  • Power spine electrical pathway delivery (building design) ensures flexibility and sustainability, enabling capital expenditure intelligence
  • Proprietary and patented Living Data Center (DCIM) Switch software surpasses all current data center infrastructure management (DCIM) offerings

The Switch Data Center Design Differentiator

Switch is a technology infrastructure ecosystem company whose core business is designing, constructing and operating the most advanced and highest-rated data centers on the planet. Powered by 100% renewable energy, Switch’s focus on sustainability and efficient technologies makes its exascale ecosystems the most sustainable and cost-effective colocation environments in the industry.

Contact Switch today to learn how its ecosystem empowers clients with a myriad of options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.