Client Story: GoConference

In the competitive teleconferencing business reliability is crucial – you are only as good as your last conference call. Over the past thirteen years Switch has provided consistently reliable services to our company with absolutely no downtime.

From the time we installed our first equipment at Switch in 2005, to grow WholesaleConference/GoConference we have never been down because of the facility. Our own equipment had a failure once, but the extremely qualified “helping hands” at Switch had us transferred to a backup teleconference bridge in less than 30 minutes.

There are many extremely large global clients at Switch and we are likely one of the smallest clients. Yet, we get the same level of reliability and service as Switch’s largest clients.
First a little history, I was introduced to the owner of Switch, Rob Roy back when there was only one facility, LAS VEGAS 1. When I first installed my teleconferencing equipment in building LAS VEGAS 2 in 2005, it had just opened. Now, not only is the LAS VEGAS 2 facility full, but Switch has grown dramatically to become the largest data center campus on planet earth. The growth of Switch was truly extraordinary, all the while the company has maintained its world-class commitment to impeccable customer service and experience.

Reliability is of utmost importance as is location. In the toll-free teleconference market having a facility in Nevada has created tremendous savings because interstate rates are much lower than Californian intrastate rates.
Colocating with Switch has created an unparalleled cost savings for my business. The significant savings on long distance voice services in Nevada has helped me to remain competitive and to constantly win business over major telecom companies.

~Herb Levitin, President WholesaleConference/GoConference