Bluelock Joins the Switch CLOUD CITY Ecosystem Enabling True Hybrid Cloud Deployments at the Switch SUPERNAP

Bluelock Gives Switch SUPERNAP Customers Access to its Full Range of Virtual Datacenter Offerings

(Indianapolis, Ind. – June 6, 2013) – Bluelock, a certified VMware vCloud® Datacenter provider of virtual datacenters hosted in the public cloud, is proud to announce it has joined the Switch C.U.B.E (Cloud Ubiquitous Business Exchange) inside the Switch CLOUD CITY, giving customers located in the Switch SUPERNAP access to Bluelock’s full range of services. Bluelock has expanded its cloud services with a presence in SUPERNAP, and through this new partnership enables true hybrid cloud deployment and Recovery-as-a-Services capabilities for customers running their own environments at the same datacenter.

Bluelock’s involvement in the Switch C.U.B.E, an ecosystem of cloud providers that have colocated their infrastructure in the Switch SUPERNAP, provides customers in the datacenter multi-tenancy and the option to use services across a variety of providers. Bluelock’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings promote flexibility, elasticity and total cost transparency for anyone connecting in to Bluelock’s public cloud services. This also enables Switch customers to access Bluelock’s leading Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution by replicating to Bluelock’s highly secure Indianapolis datacenter.

Joining the Switch CLOUD CITY community allows Bluelock to provide services to users who weren’t previously aware of how easily they could access elasticity with hybrid cloud or greater risk protection with Recovery-as-a-Service. Switch SUPERNAP customers can now easily access Bluelock Virtual Datacenters which offer full VMware compatibility, assistance with managing cloud costs through the proprietary customer portal, Bluelock Portfolio, and Advisory Services to implement a smarter cloud strategy. Customers with Bluelock Virtual Datacenters in the Las Vegas Switch SUPERNAP also have easy access to a variety of the Switch CLOUD CITY services.

“Bluelock needed a strong West Coast datacenter presence and The Switch SUPERNAP Las Vegas facility is one of the safest, most powerful datacenter facilities with the strongest connectivity,” said Pat O’Day, chief technology officer at Bluelock. “The SUPERNAP represents innovation, security and reliability for more than 600 global customers. Switch is a clear leader in the datacenter market and we are excited about this partnership and our involvement in Switch CLOUD CITY.”

“As a leading provider of Cloud IaaS, Bluelock is an exciting addition to the Switch SUPERNAP and Switch C.U.B.E. Bluelock brings many years of cloud experience and leading edge Virtual Datacenter solutions to the ecosystem and we’re thrilled their expertise will enable true hybrid cloud deployments for current and future customers of Switch,” said Jason Mendenhall, executive vice president of cloud at Switch.

To learn more about Bluelock or its partnership with Switch’s SUPERNAP and Switch CLOUD CITY, please contact Bluelock at info(at)bluelock(dot)com or visit

About Bluelock

Bluelock provides flexible IT infrastructure solutions with its Bluelock Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud. For companies requiring the ability to respond to change more quickly and get more out of their technology investments, Bluelock solutions offer scalable and economic alternatives to traditional hosting and disaster recovery for even the most complex requirements. Bluelock’s unique customer approach leads to innovative solutions that offer unprecedented visibility and control, helping customers make better decisions about risk, agility and operational efficiency. For more information, visit

About Switch

Switch is the developer of the renowned SUPERNAPS, the largest, best-designed technology ecosystems in the world. SUPERNAPS provide unrivaled colocation, connectivity, cloud and content ecosystems, and represent innovation, security and reliability for more than 600 global clients, from passionate startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses.

Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch, is a technology inventor and designer of the SUPERNAPS. Rob Roy’s 218 patented and patent pending claims on data center systems, designs and related industry technologies, have changed the technology landscape.