When I founded Switch, I intentionally incorporated the timeless principle of Karma into our culture – putting good energy into the world returns good energy.

The concept of Karma is deeply embedded in our business strategy, represented by our karma wheel logo, operating philosophy and how we treat clients, employees and the community. As Switch continues to expand its data center campus ecosystems in advance of the rapidly evolving technology landscape, we are vigilant on ensuring that the surrounding communities, economies and people also benefit from what we create.

We are recognized as a world-leader in exascale data center ecosystems, edge data center designs, industry leading telecommunications solutions and next-generation technology innovation that supports the mission critical infrastructure needs of our clients; including healthcare, technology, financial institutions, government, and all other manner of organizations that touch every aspect of our daily lives.

Switch seeks to sustainably power the future of the connected world by providing the most secure, energy efficient technology ecosystems to facilitate digital commerce, enhance human productivity and drive economic prosperity everywhere we have operations. Data runs the planet® and I believe that it should not ruin the planet.

We pursue these goals with a commitment to the highest ideals of integrity by operating within an ethical framework that supports doing the right things for the right reasons, and by leveraging the enormous power of our diversity of experiences, perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.

A cornerstone of our company is our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. Companies around the world must resolve to innovate and invest in a new generation of renewable technologies to lead us to a sustainable future. For the planet to survive, the global community must reduce carbon footprints, increase water efficiency and move to renewable power.

As a demonstration of our commitment to this goal, since January 1, 2016, we have powered our data centers with 100% renewable energy. Further, Switch’s unique water processing technology increases water usage efficiency in our cooling towers by over 400%. We are also leading the development of a major 4,000 acre-foot effluent water pipeline in northern Nevada that will allow us to run our Citadel Campus on 100% recycled/effluent water.

Our reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has been a remarkable outcome of the technological advances and innovations we have pursued. I am particularly humbled that in 2018, Greenpeace rated Switch as the most environmentally conscious technology company in the world for our leadership in sustainability in Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean Report. Switch was also awarded the EPA Green Power Leadership Award in 2019; and for the past several years, Switch has consistently ranked in the Top 10 for corporate clean energy use in Solar Energy Industries Association’s Annual Report, alongside Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

None of this would be possible were it not for our incredible team members. They are our most important asset and we work hard to do our part to cultivate their talent and intellect.

The health and well-being of our team members is critically important, so we cover 100% of medical and dental insurance premiums for all team members and all of their family members, at no cost to them. Advancing our focus on proactive wellness, we have introduced the Life MUSE program – an innovative corporate wellness and lifestyle platform that incorporates the pillars of health, recovery, nutrition, meditation and professional development.

Our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion goes far beyond basic definitions of this critical social construct. It can be seen not only in our richly diverse workforce, but also in the number of women who have advanced into C-Level leadership positions. The positions of Chief Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Construction Officer at Switch are all held by women. This is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to gender diversity and is a remarkable achievement in our (or any) industry. Switch also embraces important principles of social equality, including gender pay equity, establishment of $15 per hour minimum wage more than four years ago, and fully paid medical benefits for employees and their families at no cost to them.

We have made a strategic effort to hire qualified military veterans, as their experience, discipline and leadership qualities are extremely valuable attributes. As a result of our proactive efforts, veterans currently represent approximately 30% of our full-time employee workforce.

Switch proactively innovates to sustainably progress the digital foundation of the connected world, and the communities in which we work and live. Moreover, we invest in the people who will be future leaders in a world where technology plays an ever-more important role.

According to the World Economic Forum, “sixty-five percent of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that don’t yet exist.” Therefore Switch is building a workforce pipeline aimed at attracting some of the brightest young minds, propelled by significant investments in STEAM-based organizations like FIRST® Robotics, FIRST® Global,, ArtPrize and Green Our Planet. These programs are inspiring the next generation of technology leaders and we are proud to take a leadership role by supporting these programs.

Our passion lies in inventing new solutions, and seeking answers to problems and enhancing human lives through technology, while working tirelessly to meet the perpetually evolving technological and energy needs of our clients. We have been aspiring to achieve these goals since our company began more than 20 years ago. In times of triumph or challenge, Switch has proven a reliable, innovative partner to our clients, the communities we serve and the men and women who have shown such dedication to excellence in their service to our collective mission.

As we further demonstrate in the pages that follow, Switch is proof that a corporation can do good so that good
may come to all.

Chairman, CEO & Founder
Switch, Inc.



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