Good Neighbor Commitments

Switch is actively engaged in mitigating its impact on the environment and communities where its data centers are located. This involves technologies used on the generators for mechanical noise reduction which includes engine and radiator fan noise. To achieve noise reduction levels, Switch added baffled air intake and radiator discharge plenums. It also increased area, density and thickness of the internal insulation materials. To strengthen exhaust noise reduction, we installed larger internal exhaust silencers with additional external secondary silencers, resulting in a 30dBA reduction from previous designs and sound levels reduced to approximately 46dBA vs. 76dBA (@ 100’).

While most of Switch’s data center campus locations are within commercially zoned areas, in the fast-growing city of Las Vegas, residential areas sprung up and single-family houses became our neighbors. However, to ensure that because of the sheer size of Switch’s data centers and air handlers we did not detrimentally impact the surrounding neighborhood.

To ensure this, Switch hired a 3rd party consultant to evaluate the noise level for our air handling units. The consultant conducted a study that would assist the company in avoiding negative impacts in residential neighborhoods. The feedback from the consultant resulted in modifications to our AHUs that surpassed Nevada code title 30 section 68’s requirements.

As a result, Switch made some changes to its air handling units. Previously, air handler units deployed were designed so that the compressors were not enclosed 100%. The compressors were located next to the coils and vented panels. This resulted in noise levels that could be heard 200-300 feet away, and as the units ran longer and harder, it resulted in higher noise levels.

To alleviate this problem, the compressors were moved within the AHU and fully enclosed with padding so that they could not be heard beyond 5-10 feet resulting in a noise reduction approximately 95%.


Switch was founded on the principle of karma: putting good energy out into the world and getting good energy back. As Switch builds more data centers to respond to the rapid growth of the Internet, we work to ensure that the surrounding communities, economies and the planet also benefit. Each year, we set aside funds designated to supporting our local communities.

Rob Roy’s Innevation Center
Rob Roy’s Innevation Center is our Founder and CEO’s philanthropic contribution back to the state of Nevada. It is a collaborative co-working and event space that is focused on the advancement and exploration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and STEAM education.

University Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
Switch has collaborated closely with UNLV to foster educational progress, career opportunities, and entrepreneurship in the local community.

  • Switch partnered with UNLV on its athletics initiative focused on sports-science, data analytics and student-athlete success; creating the Switch Sports Science Studio with a multi-year financial grant.
  • Switch donated money towards the UNLV Senior Design Competition for the College of Engineering Design Project and hosted it free of charge at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center.

Nevada Museum of Art
Switch was previously a multi-year supporter of the Nevada Museum of Art STEAM Curriculum program in Reno: 6,500 Pre-K-12 grade students receive STEAM-based educational lessons annually. 1,200 Pre-K-12 teachers participate in professional development programs annually. Switch also committed a pledge to the Nevada Museum of Art at Symphony Park development in Las Vegas.

Green our Planet
Switch is a Platinum Sustaining Sponsor of Green Our Planet Outdoor Garden Classrooms. Green our Planet runs the largest school garden program in the United States and the largest student-run farmers market in the nation. They build outdoor vegetable garden classrooms and develops curriculum focused on STEAM, health and nutrition, emphasizing the importance of fresh foods and healthy eating among youth. These efforts have resulted in: 150 gardens built, 80,000+ students benefitting, 3,000+ teachers actively using their STEAM curriculum, a 200+ student farmer’s market, and 1,200 teachers trained.

Switch is a major multi-year sponsor of ArtPrize, an international art competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan as the exclusive sponsor powering the ArtPrize STEAM Village Learning Lab and Mobile STEAM Lab experiences.

Connectivity for Good: The Switch SUPERLOOP® Upgrades Rural Education
Switch extended fiber from the Switch SUPERLOOP®to upgrade and connect rural Nevada schools to high-speed broadband communications, increasing internet capacity by 2000% and decreasing costs by 14%. Switch provided private loans to White Pine, Lyon and Elko County school districts to fund their network equipment, leveraging our telecommunications buying power to reduce costs and improve the speed of internet connectivity in Northern Nevada schools.

Fiber and connectivity from the Switch SUPERLOOP® serves as the backbone for local ISPs – Valley Communications and Churchill County Communications – to deliver high-speed broadband to rural school districts in Northern Nevada. This increased high-speed connectivity and bandwidth enhances access to technology in the learning environment, and provides the infrastructure to support the future growth of technology integration within these rural districts for years to come. For example, this high-speed connectivity allows schools to administer standardized testing over the internet without the interruption of slow and unreliable service. Lost connections in the middle of an exam can force students to start over, which is simply unacceptable.

Switch fiber enables the following connections for educational purposes:

  • Beatty High School and the greater Beatty community with service via Valley Communications, now the first all fiber-optic community in Nevada
  • Hawthorne Elementary School via Churchill County Communications
  • Lyon County School District via Churchill County Communications
  • Switch directly services the Walker River Paiute Tribe community

Switch maintains a library of additional policies and procedures to ensure its services are Tier 5 Platinum compliant and meet Switch’s aggressive sustainability standards. Switch secures these policies on site, to avoid the security risks of espionage, terrorism, sabotage, and cyber attack, inherent in unauthorized duplication, proliferation, or exploitation of these policies. If you would like additional detail or an on-site tour of Switch’s facilities to inspect these policies, please contact the Investor Relations Team ( or the Switch Policy team (





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