Choosing Switch for our colocation needs was absolutely the right decision. Against the competition, there really is no comparison. We had researched several other sites near the West coast and hadn’t found the right fit based on pricing, time-to-cabinet-access, and ability to deliver services promised. When we visited the Switch facility in Las Vegas, we were blown away. I’ll never forget walking by row after row of T-SCIFs, realizing that a considerable portion of the Internet surrounded me at that moment. After signing with Switch, it became apparent to us that their presentation of the facility on that first tour was not “special” in any way; it was an exact replica of how they conduct themselves through their website online, in their Sales team, and behind closed doors. This was greatly reassuring and only affirmed the decision we had made. It’s easy to assume, seeing the high-tech, polished, flashy nature of Switch, that this is a premium data center with premium services. And you’d be absolutely right. But it would be wrong to assume their pricing is equally premium. As a growing (but small) cloud-services provider, we weren’t interested in paying hundreds of thousands in “minimum fees” each month. So, when we were shown pricing that was not only less than what we expected, but even beat out more expensive competitors we were considering, it took no additional consideration for us to move forward. The good news is that Switch can meet your data center needs with highly competitive pricing at any scale—half-cabinet, all the way up to several rows—all while delivering the same premium service and facility access that they are known for. I highly recommend them to anyone needing connectivity, rack space, power, and cooling. You’ll be just as blown away as I was—and continue to be.”

– Listrak, 6 cabinets