“Switch built a better mousetrap than any other data center company. Their patents and smart building designs allow deployment in a Tier IV Gold environment at Tier III prices, as well as access to a wealth of media companies already present at Switch. Switch introduced us to several cloud providers in their ecosystem and helped us build our own private cloud environment while making the process of cross-connecting with our media customers inside and outside of Switch easy and painless. Additionally, Switch provided us with low-cost, high-availability connectivity to the Internet via the SUPERNAP CORE Cooperative, enabling us to reliably deliver processed media to multiple CDNs. We successfully delivered some of the world’s largest online live events including the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Switch was there for us along the way making sure we had all the right resources and scalable infrastructure that adapted to our needs. More than anything, Switch continues to be a great partner to us, helping us grow our business. It would be hard to achieve the success we have had over the years without having access to the Switch team and the resources in their ecosystem!”

– iStreamPlanet, 13 cabinets