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Switch recognizes that our team members are our greatest asset. The following Culture Codes are to guide and inspire us to achieve our highest potential each day.

Self-Monitored by Karma

If the energy of what I am putting out right now were returned to me, would I be happy?

Operating in Mission-Critical Mode

Am I fanatically focused, following protocol and planning solutions to all potential risks?

Clear in Communications

Have I shared information in a straight forward, get-to-the-point way without leaving out critical decision-making details?

Supportive of the Team

Am I collaborating and working with my peers in an effective way that supports their department’s mission, as well as the goals of the entire company? Am I creating and bringing solutions or only talking about the problems?

Consistently Reliable

Am I one of the go-to people on the team? Would I want to work with me?

Compelled to Contribute

Are there ways that I can utilize my skills or attributes today that contribute to the overall well being of the company and our customers?

Committed to the Client Experience

Are my actions dedicated to the fact that our clients and the superior services we provide them with are the reason we exist?


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